Sewer Line Video Inspections

Sewer Line Video Inspections

At Simply Service Sewer and Drain Cleaning, our video inspections involve the use of a specialized camera that is inserted into a sewer line in order to visually inspect its condition. This type of inspection is commonly used by homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to identify any problems within the sewer line, such as clogs, leaks, cracks, or other types of damage.

During the inspection, the camera is inserted into the sewer line through an access point, such as a cleanout or manhole. The camera is then slowly moved through the sewer line, transmitting live video feed to a technician who can view the footage in real-time. The video allows the technician to identify any problems within the sewer line and determine the best course of action for repairs.

Sewer line video inspections can be beneficial for a number of reasons. They can help identify and locate blockages or other issues that may be causing backups in your system. Call us toady to schedule a free estimate!


"Talk about X marks the spot!  The broken pipe fit neatly inside the box you drew on the grass.  As you can see, it was also disconnected.  Thank you so much for your kindness, concern, professionalism, and having the best equipment to pinpoint the problem without wasting time and money!  I was so impressed with you and your company.  I will recommend you without reservation to anyone!"
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Kate R.
Strongsville, Ohio
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